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Brilliantly and rapidly remove

hair, pigment and vascular lesions

in all skin types

Clarity II™ represents an advanced laser system with two wavelengths, equipped with cutting-edge digital functionalities for your convenience. Lutronic's exclusive IntelliTrak™ technology guarantees swift and uniform energy distribution according to your preferred intensity levels, even at varying operation speeds. Additionally, the Temperature Sensing function offers immediate monitoring, ensuring both effectiveness and safety during treatments.


Lutronic created the Clarity II with the aim of enhancing the speed and efficacy of treatments across various skin types. Its sleek design streamlines procedures, promoting both efficiency and patient well-being. Offering versatility, the Clarity II addresses a wide array of concerns including hair removal, pigmented lesions, wrinkle reduction, as well as managing conditions like rosacea, hemangiomas, telangiectasia, and café au lait.
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