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The World's First Cold-Ablative Fiber Laser

UltraClear® helps reverse signs of aging, addressing multiple skin conditions in one treatment to help patients look their best—quickly, safely, and effectively.

UltraClear® is clinically proven and FDA cleared as the world’s first MID IR Fiber Laser facial rejuvenation solution that treats multiple skin layers—from stratum corneum to epidermis to mid dermis—to help reverse signs of aging.

UltraClear®’s innovative technology minimizes unwanted thermal damage while maximizing results for all skin types, dramatically reducing pain and recovery time.

The Clear Choice

No Surgery, No Needles and

No Sutures


Minimal Downtime

Address multiple skin problems in

1 treatment


Increased Patient Comfort

From a lunchtime light peel to deep collagen remodeling options

Quick Treatments: ~ 30 minutes or less for full face

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